Random Thought #1: Life Schedule

Who came up with this daily life schedule? Which person decided that we need to split our days into thirds? We sleep eight hours (if we’re lucky), work eight hours(full time), and we’re left with just eight hours to do everything else.

I don’t know about you, but eight hours can go by pretty quick if you’re enjoying what you do with that time. And if you aren’t, that eight hours can feel like forever. Just don’t look at the clock, it won’t move faster.

Also, you can’t really consider that remaining eight hours to be free time either. Household chores and maintenance take up some of that time. If you’re single, it might not take as much time. As a parent however, it’s a daily struggle picking up after the kids. We may complain about it, but it’s what we signed up for. And don’t get me started on grocery shopping. We’d be lucky to get out of the store in an hour or less.

Two months ago, I wrote down a schedule of what I considered to be the perfect day. The focus was around being a business owner. Surprisingly, it looked a lot like what I’m already doing most of my days. The key difference is, I’m sure I’d be happier working for myself rather than someone else.

I enjoy helping people and solving problems, which I don’t really feel like I’m doing at my current job. I’ve considered becoming a life coach, or some form of advisor. Anyone out there feel like you could use one? Contact me here.

Lastly, give it a try. Write out your perfect day. It doesn’t need to be focused around being a business owner. If you had 24 hours with no limits, what would your perfect day look like? Share in the comments if you’d like.

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