Hello World!

Hello World, and welcome to Its Just Hewitt, my place in the virtual universe to share information with you.

While you’re waiting for more content to appear, I’ve decided to make a play on where ‘Hello World!’ comes from. I’d imagine that those who know little too nothing about programming languages or technology know why it’s there.

It is believed that a book titled, A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B(1972) by Brian Kernigham, is where ‘Hello World’ originates from.

Pretty much every programming language taught in school begins with a ‘Hello World’ program. It’s primary goal is to make sure that the language and compiler are working correctly.

WordPress holds the same standard, which is the Content Management System or CMS I’m using for this blog. When you visit a new WordPress site for the first time, the first post created during install is titled ‘Hello world!’. Most people just delete the post and continue creating their content.

And that concludes my explanation of the origin of ‘Hello World’. Thank you for reading.

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