The Way I Saw It: Bumblebee

bumblebee at the lake

A Bumblebee at the Lake Garden

I took a picture of this bumblebee in July of 2022. Our city has a public garden at the lake with flowers, a fountain, and several trees. A concrete sidewalk allows visitors to walk around to several points of interest. Many people go there to take professional pictures for engagements, baby reveals/photos, wildlife, and much more.

There is also a sidewalk that you can travel to go around the entire lake. I enjoy running when the weather is nice. When I run at the lake, I like to cool down afterward by walking around the garden. And while walking, I take pictures of things that come across my path.

This bumblebee just happened to be collecting pollen from these flowers (I am not sure what kind of flowers they are). Many people fear bees. However, unlike wasps, they do not want to sting anyone unless provoked. The bumblebee allowed me to pet it for a few seconds before it flew over to the next flower.

If you come across a honey bee or bumblebee, let them be. Admire what they do. Our environment depends on them for pollination of flowers and crops. And, if you enjoy honey as much as I do, remember who supplies it; The bees, not their keepers.

Here are some things you can do to help the honey bee and bumblebee population. Plant flowers in pots or gardens that attract them. Use less harmful pesticides in your garden. For instance, DE(Diatomaceous Earth) would be better than using pesticides in your garden. Additionally, if you see a bumblebee or honey bee, don’t kill them.

This post is the first in a new series. I hope you enjoyed reading it! If you want to share your thoughts about bumblebees or bees, please use the comments section.

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