End of Spring and Into Summer

Hello again. I wanted to share an update on the latest project(s) and shenanigans I have worked on throughout spring.


There is a book called “Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX 2nd Edition” written by Jim Adams that I have owned for over a decade now.

I remember the days of RPG Maker 2K and how I enjoyed figuring out how to make a game function. So, I purchased this book because of my interest in game development.

The book was written to teach people how to develop apps and games using DirectX 9.

However, DirectX 11/12 are the latest versions today. DirectX 9 is no longer the standard.

I decided to attempt converting the code from the book over to DirectX 11. So far, opening a window and initializing DirectX has been successful. But there is a lot more to do.

In the book, Jim did not need to worry about adding ‘shaders’ to the code. There are two shaders that I will eventually add to the project. A Pixel shader and a Color shader.

Final Fantasy VII

I played the original Final Fantasy VII for a while. I have loved this game since the days of the first PlayStation.

The first time I started playing, I played straight through without taking the time to do everything the game had to offer.

And then I purchased a game shark. For those who don’t know, the game shark was a PlayStation hardware add on which allowed you to use cheat codes for many games.

Using the game shark, I played through the game several times, with all of the weapons, items and materias as well as maxed out character stats.

This time around there will be no cheating. I have already made it close to the end of the game already, however, there are still several more achievements to collect. The end will have to wait.

Among the achievements is to defeat a creature known as Ruby Weapon. I have never beat it, even when I used cheat codes. I made it a goal to beat Ruby this time around.


As spring began to warm up, going fishing sounded like a good idea. I really enjoy fishing. It is good to soak up the sun and relax while taking in the scenery.

The largest fish I have caught in 2024 so far was a 4lb(1.814kg) channel catfish. I was using a mimic minnow for bait. This lure has attracted many different species of fish, and has officially become one of my favorites.

I have been trying out new lures I have not used before. Last year I started working with a popper lure. And recently the mimic minnow.

I want to catch more largemouth bass, and have not found a lure yet that brings in hits consistently. Some people have suggested the Texas rig. Others prefer spinner bait.

I have worked with spin bait before, mostly the spin beetles. In previous times I tried to use a larger spinner with the skirting. But never had any luck. It could be my technique, or maybe I have not found the right fishing hole.

I have not tried using a Texas rig yet. Maybe this will be the year to give it a try. If I do, I will share the experience I have with it.


I have made it my primary goal this year to become my own boss. Doing what? I have not decided. I do not foresee blogging to be the source of income needed to make that happen.

Other bloggers have been able to make a living from blogging. They say that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, but the successful bloggers have more talent than I do when it comes to writing. And possibly more time to put into it.

My skills are more on the technical side of blogging; How to make pages and posts look a certain way or creating minor fixes utilizing child themes. I could probably conquer WordPress plugin development if I made time for it.

A friend of mine has been very helpful in giving me the knowledge I need to start a business.

My struggle is internal. My being indecisive on what I am passionate about enough to do daily. If you aren’t mostly passionate about what you do for a living, then it is only a job.

Most people want to do what they enjoy for a living, while others will sacrifice their own happiness for a higher income.

I will figure it out eventually. It is only a matter of time.

This summer, I will work on writing posts more consistently. Thank you for reading!

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