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Bloganuary Day Eleven

The day eleven bloganuary prompt is: What does it mean to live boldly? In my opinion, to live boldly means that the way you live…

Merry Christmas 0

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas. Hope the holidays have been good for everyone. Now it’s time to get ready for the new year.


The New Year is Approaching

The new year is approaching, and we all know what that means. Resolutions. Before I continue, I just wanted to say congratulations.


3 Routines You Should Start Today

There are 3 routines you should start today if you aren’t already doing them. These routines are beneficial in many ways.

A foggy morning 0

Random Thought #1: Life Schedule

Who came up with this daily life schedule? Which person decided that we need to split our days into thirds? We sleep eight hours (if we’re lucky)…

A Dollar Bill 0

A Month Late and a Dollar Short

I was a month late and a dollar short when I posted my article A Month Without Social Media.I have been researching trends for new ideas…

You Got This 0

A Little Blogging Inspiration

Here’s a little bit of blogging inspiration for those who need it. My first official website was a bust. Not due to lack of visitors, but the result of poor planning and self discipline.

No Social Media Challenge 4

A Month Without Social Media

In September, I spent the entire month without social media. I’ll admit, it was difficult at first. We pick up the phone to open these apps by habit…

Hello World! 0

Hello World!

Welcome to Its Just Hewitt my place in the virtual universe to share information with you. While you’re waiting for more content to appear, I’ve decided to make a play on where ‘Hello World!’ comes from.